Friday, January 23, 2015

Driving in the Collective Unconscious

To my Birmingham friends:

The more Birmingham gets under my skin, the more I feel compelled to write to you and tell you what I’m thinking.  I love this city.

This afternoon, driving home to south Shelby County in the foggy rain, I once again found myself on the road at rush hour with some really good drivers.  On the city streets and on I65, drivers slowed down, kept their distance and accommodated one another as we all navigated our way safely though the mizzle to our destinations. 

That kind of driving is an exercise in awareness – a mindfulness – with everyone conscious, to some degree, of other every car in sight, and driving for the good of all. I always experience this in Birmingham, and I have to say, “Well done!”  Sure, there are always some cowboys on the road who seem to be in a hurry to get hurt and can ruin it for everybody, but overall I give Birmingham drivers a B+, and on wet roads, an A-.

Class dismissed.

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